Exhibition / A portrait of Wiepersdorf

A portraits of Wiepersdorf, photography by Martin Bennett

I am very pleased to announce that I’ve had a successful launch of a selection of my work entitled ‘a portrait of Wiepersdorf’. The preview exhibition was held at Schloss Wiepersdorf as part of the ‘Summer Festival’ or ‘Sommerfest’ on Sunday the 19th of July 2009. The preview gave the assembled artrists, invited guests and local people photographed for the series a chance to view the finished photographs as a collection.

Click here to see a teaser of some of the photographs from the series.

You can see more photos from this project on my web site portfolio under ‘Villagers’ and ‘The Village’.

Villagers / portraits

Portraits of the residents of Wiepersdorf, photography by Martin Bennett

“Villagers” is portrait of the inhabitants of a small village one and a half hours outside of Berlin.

To accompany the landscape photography that I shot on a previous trip to Wiepersdorf, I returned to photograph the people that live in this perfect little rural village nestled at the foot of ‘Schloss Wiepersdorf’. The aim being to portrait the people in a very natural way against the colourful textured backdrop of the landscape in which they live and work.

This is an on going project that I hope to contribute to over the coming months.

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Jacob Kowalski / portrait

Jacob Kowalski, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of author Jacob Kowalski.

Photographed on location in one of the bedrooms of an old German castle or Schloss. I had been in the room on a previous occasion and had noticed the daylight streaming through the window. However when it came to the shoot the sun was in a different position so I used flash to replicate the atmosphere. I was aiming at something akin to the classical tradition after Vermeer

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Soenke Hollstein / portrait

Soenke Hollstein, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of illustrator Soenke Hollstein. Photographed on location using a mix of flash, monbloc (Bowens Esprit)  small flash (Nikon SB-800) and ambient tungsten lighting. Gels were used on the small flash to keep the natural warmth of the ambient lighting

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Matthias Anegg / portrait

Matthias Anegg, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of architect and designer Matthias Anegg
Photographed in the studio using a combination of  6 flash monolight heads, silver reflectors, black flags and polly boards to control the light. The modifiers used were strip light softboxes, standard reflectors and a beauty dish

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A short trip to Ireland

Joyce Country, photography by Martin Bennett

Whilst on a short trip to Ireland, for St Patrick’s day celebrations, I took the opportunity to shoot some  landscape photography. These examples were taken in the beautiful counties of  Clare & Galway.

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Lisa Payne / portrait

Lisa Payne, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of photographer Lisa Payne, shot on location in Berlin, Germany

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Frank Flöthmann / portrait

Frank Flöthmann photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of illustrator, Frank Flöthmann a.k.a. 2F. Shot on location at House Tornow,
just outside of Berlin, Germany

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Jamie Beeden / portrait

Jamie Beeden, photography by Martin Bennet

Portrait of music and celebrity photographer, Jamie Beeden. Shot in the studio, whilst on a visit to Berlin. Daylight and Profoto 7b battery lights were used to create the lighting mood. You can see Jamie’s work here: http://www.jamiebeeden.co.uk and buy prints of his stunning music and portrait photography at Snap Galleries

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Katrin Funcke / portrait

Katrin Funcke, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of Illustrator, Katrin Funcke. Shot on location near Chorin, Brandenburg, Germany. Using a combination of daylight and Profoto 7B battery lights. The light modifiers used were a beauty dish and snoot.

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