Villagers / portraits

Portraits of the residents of Wiepersdorf, photography by Martin Bennett

“Villagers” is portrait of the inhabitants of a small village one and a half hours outside of Berlin.

To accompany the landscape photography that I shot on a previous trip to Wiepersdorf, I returned to photograph the people that live in this perfect little rural village nestled at the foot of ‘Schloss Wiepersdorf’. The aim being to portrait the people in a very natural way against the colourful textured backdrop of the landscape in which they live and work.

This is an on going project that I hope to contribute to over the coming months.

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Jacob Kowalski / portrait

Jacob Kowalski, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of author Jacob Kowalski.

Photographed on location in one of the bedrooms of an old German castle or Schloss. I had been in the room on a previous occasion and had noticed the daylight streaming through the window. However when it came to the shoot the sun was in a different position so I used flash to replicate the atmosphere. I was aiming at something akin to the classical tradition after Vermeer

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Soenke Hollstein / portrait

Soenke Hollstein, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of illustrator Soenke Hollstein. Photographed on location using a mix of flash, monbloc (Bowens Esprit)  small flash (Nikon SB-800) and ambient tungsten lighting. Gels were used on the small flash to keep the natural warmth of the ambient lighting

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Matthias Anegg / portrait

Matthias Anegg, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of architect and designer Matthias Anegg
Photographed in the studio using a combination of  6 flash monolight heads, silver reflectors, black flags and polly boards to control the light. The modifiers used were strip light softboxes, standard reflectors and a beauty dish

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Lisa Payne / portrait

Lisa Payne, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of photographer Lisa Payne, shot on location in Berlin, Germany

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Frank Flöthmann / portrait

Frank Flöthmann photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of illustrator, Frank Flöthmann a.k.a. 2F. Shot on location at House Tornow,
just outside of Berlin, Germany

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Jamie Beeden / portrait

Jamie Beeden, photography by Martin Bennet

Portrait of music and celebrity photographer, Jamie Beeden. Shot in the studio, whilst on a visit to Berlin. Daylight and Profoto 7b battery lights were used to create the lighting mood. You can see Jamie’s work here: and buy prints of his stunning music and portrait photography at Snap Galleries

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Katrin Funcke / portrait

Katrin Funcke, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of Illustrator, Katrin Funcke. Shot on location near Chorin, Brandenburg, Germany. Using a combination of daylight and Profoto 7B battery lights. The light modifiers used were a beauty dish and snoot.

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Ute Helmbold / portrait

Ute Helmbold, photography by Martin Bennett

Portraits of illustrator, Professor Ute Helmbold

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Jimi / portrait

Jimi, photography by Martin Bennett

Jimi photographed whilst playing in the grounds of the beautiful and inspirational
Schloss Wiepersdorf

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