Matthias Anegg / portrait

Matthias Anegg, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of architect and designer Matthias Anegg
Photographed in the studio using a combination of  6 flash monolight heads, silver reflectors, black flags and polly boards to control the light. The modifiers used were strip light softboxes, standard reflectors and a beauty dish

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A short trip to Ireland

Joyce Country, photography by Martin Bennett

Whilst on a short trip to Ireland, for St Patrick’s day celebrations, I took the opportunity to shoot some  landscape photography. These examples were taken in the beautiful counties of  Clare & Galway.

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Orange Film Studios – Mr Dresden & Mr Eliot

Martin Bennett

We just had a great shoot in London for Orange. In collaboration with TV production company Biscuit and the creative digital media people at Poke, Photographing Mr Dresden (Brennan Brown) and Mr Eliot (Steve Furst) the two principle characters from the Orange Film Board commercials. The commissioned set of photos will be used in the new Orange Film Studios website.

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Lisa Payne / portrait

Lisa Payne, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of photographer Lisa Payne, shot on location in Berlin, Germany

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Frank Flöthmann / portrait

Frank Flöthmann photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of illustrator, Frank Flöthmann a.k.a. 2F. Shot on location at House Tornow,
just outside of Berlin, Germany

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Jamie Beeden / portrait

Jamie Beeden, photography by Martin Bennet

Portrait of music and celebrity photographer, Jamie Beeden. Shot in the studio, whilst on a visit to Berlin. Daylight and Profoto 7b battery lights were used to create the lighting mood. You can see Jamie’s work here: and buy prints of his stunning music and portrait photography at Snap Galleries

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Katrin Funcke / portrait

Katrin Funcke, photography by Martin Bennett

Portrait of Illustrator, Katrin Funcke. Shot on location near Chorin, Brandenburg, Germany. Using a combination of daylight and Profoto 7B battery lights. The light modifiers used were a beauty dish and snoot.

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Archive represented by goZOOMA

The goZOOMA photo agency now represents a selection of my archive photography. The pictures are now live!, to see the photographs available for purchase please go to the website and look for my work under photographers.

The premiss of goZOOMA is to offer high quality photography for advertising and design clients from a select, hand picked  group of photographers. This is not your run of the mill stock library!


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Welcome to my shiny new photo blog! Here you can find new photos, both commissioned and personal as well as news and musings about my work and life. I’ve tried to make the site a bit of a hybrid, part web site and part blog. So you will find all of the useful blog features like searching, archives, commenting, subscribing etc…

In addition I have tried to present my photography in a clean and elegant way, as a series of slideshows, so all the normal blog clutter doesn’t detract you from looking at the photos.

I will continue to update and maintain my online portfolio but for the latest work and news please return to the blog for a taste of what I’ve been up to.

I hope you enjoy the site and its content.


PS for those of you not familiar with blogs and how they work here are the instructions, please do not throw away!

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Avebury, photography by Martin Bennett
Taken in and around Avebury stone circle, near Marlborough, Wiltshire, England

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