07 Retouching



Martin’s most recent commission for United Artists has seen him working with Tom Cruise & Bryan Singer on their new film “Valkyrie”, Art directing the in-film stills photography and creating authentic 1930’s period photographic prints in post production. 

You can see some examples here

Additionally Martin has been collaborating with established movie stills photographer Frank Connor, retouching & grading the movies still photography, for United Artists
[photography © United Artists]

Valkyrie / Post-Production

Commissioned by United Artists to retouch photos of Tom Cruise from the first days filming of Valkyrie, for a worldwide advertising campaign. The goal was to create in post-production a 1930’s look & feel. Similar in style to that of an original photograph of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. The official web site of the film can be found here. More background information can be found on wikipedia [photo © United Artists]