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News – I’ve gone APE

I’ve been invited to join “The APE” an online gallery selling a select group of photographers work as limited edition archival prints.  Check out the site here.

The Affordable Photography Emporium, or just the APE as we like to call it is a new venture set up by photographers for photographers to sell beautiful limited edition prints at an affordable price.

We thought that money shouldn’t be a hinderance to quality or choice so everything on our site is priced at very reasonable amounts.

To keep things simple all our photographers’ work is uniformly sized and priced so once you know how much you want to spend all you have to do is decide what type of photography you want to spend your money on.

We have everything from famous musical icons through to stark haunting landscapes and we’re always on the lookout for new talent too so if you don’t see something right away that really knocks your socks off then keep checking back every once in a while and you’re bound to find the perfect piece sooner or later.

Exhibition / A portrait of Wiepersdorf

A portraits of Wiepersdorf, photography by Martin Bennett

I am very pleased to announce that I’ve had a successful launch of a selection of my work entitled ‘a portrait of Wiepersdorf’. The preview exhibition was held at Schloss Wiepersdorf as part of the ‘Summer Festival’ or ‘Sommerfest’ on Sunday the 19th of July 2009. The preview gave the assembled artrists, invited guests and local people photographed for the series a chance to view the finished photographs as a collection.

Click here to see a teaser of some of the photographs from the series.

You can see more photos from this project on my web site portfolio under ‘Villagers’ and ‘The Village’.

Saving Private Ryan’s Number

Eliot & Dresden, photography by Martin Bennett

The first photographs of Mr Dresden & Mr Eliot from the Orange Film Studios photo shoot are now online. You can find the photos by clicking on Saving Private Ryan’s Number in the film strip navigation at the bottom of the web page.

Both actors were lit dramatically against a neutral backdrop in order that they could be cut out, and then montaged into the web design by Poke London.

More photos of Eliot & Dresden will follow over the coming weeks as the new commercials are unveiled.

UPDATE: 11/08/09

More photos are now online. Click on the photo above to see some screen shots or go to the Orange Film Studios web site to see more.

[Series of 4]

Orange Film Studios – Mr Dresden & Mr Eliot

Martin Bennett

We just had a great shoot in London for Orange. In collaboration with TV production company Biscuit and the creative digital media people at Poke, Photographing Mr Dresden (Brennan Brown) and Mr Eliot (Steve Furst) the two principle characters from the Orange Film Board commercials. The commissioned set of photos will be used in the new Orange Film Studios website.


Archive represented by goZOOMA

The goZOOMA photo agency now represents a selection of my archive photography. The pictures are now live!, to see the photographs available for purchase please go to the goZOOMA.de website and look for my work under photographers.

The premiss of goZOOMA is to offer high quality photography for advertising and design clients from a select, hand picked  group of photographers. This is not your run of the mill stock library!


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Welcome to my shiny new photo blog! Here you can find new photos, both commissioned and personal as well as news and musings about my work and life. I’ve tried to make the site a bit of a hybrid, part web site and part blog. So you will find all of the useful blog features like searching, archives, commenting, subscribing etc…

In addition I have tried to present my photography in a clean and elegant way, as a series of slideshows, so all the normal blog clutter doesn’t detract you from looking at the photos.

I will continue to update and maintain my online portfolio http://martinbennett.com but for the latest work and news please return to the blog for a taste of what I’ve been up to.

I hope you enjoy the site and its content.


PS for those of you not familiar with blogs and how they work here are the instructions, please do not throw away!



I have joined goZOOMA!

The Hamburg based image library has a select group of photographers who’s work they represent. A selection of my work will soon be available for purchase via the goZOOMA website. 


“The idea of the goZOOMA.de photo agency is to search for pictures taken by photographers that were neither accessible nor published so far and that have a special message to convey. Apart from the photo content these should offer room for inspiration and contemplation.

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