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Architectural details

Commissioned by Wir-design for their latest campaign, to photograph architectural elements in a graphic manner. Without the buildings and places being recognisable as any one place or city for their client Hi-Solutions was my brief for this location shoot. Shooting on the Canon 5D with the 24-70mm f2.8L lens predominately at the wide end of the lens at focal lengths between 24mm and 30mm. All the images were shot using available light. The post production was achieved with a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop CS4.


The whole series has now been uploaded to the Gallery or you can see them by clicking on the photo above or the link below.

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Orange Film Studios – Mr Dresden & Mr Eliot

Martin Bennett

We just had a great shoot in London for Orange. In collaboration with TV production company Biscuit and the creative digital media people at Poke, Photographing Mr Dresden (Brennan Brown) and Mr Eliot (Steve Furst) the two principle characters from the Orange Film Board commercials. The commissioned set of photos will be used in the new Orange Film Studios website.


MetallRente / wirDesign / portraits

Frau Luckmann photography by Martin Bennett

Portraits shot on location for advertising agency wirDesign for their client Metall Rente
The people featured were: Heribert Karch, Frau Luckmann, Herr Reetz and Herr Schmidt 

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Twlight photography by Martin Bennett

Advertising photography for the short film “Twilight” directed by Marc Wilkins.

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Vicious Dogs, The Library & The Accident

Vicious dogs, The Library & The Accident photography by Martin Bennett
Three images commissioned by film director Marc Wilkins for a self promotional advertising campaign. You can see his web site here

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