Martin Bennett

Martin was born in Berkshire, England in August 1970, just in time to experience seminal 70s phenomena such as spacehoppers, spangles, terry towelling in ‘fashion wear’ and Demis Roussos. Apart from his purple 5 speed Raleigh Chopper, his other great love as a child was a golden Kodak 3500 Disc camera with built in flash, which sparked a life-long obsession with taking pictures. Mostly to begin with, it has to be said, of his Raleigh Chopper.

Luckily, his technique and range of subject matter improved sufficiently to gain him entry to Plymouth College of Art & Design, where he obtained a First Class BA Honours Degree in photography in 1995.

More good fortune followed when he got the chance to work with acclaimed photographer, Andreas Heumann, in London. Three years of hard graft and formative experience later, he ventured out into the cold and loveless world of freelance photography to discover his true self. Which, with some relief for all concerned, was a pretty talented photographer.

Martin divides his time between London and Berlin, having visited the German capital on holiday and decided to stay on account of the excellent potato salad and wurst.

Having discovered other delights in the German capital, in-particular a beautiful bride. Martin is now happily married and is the proud father of twin boys. Who provide heaps of inspiration and many, many sleepless nights!

Martin now works on international commissions in film, advertising, design and publishing from his base in Berlin. He can also brag of having won a shed-load of awards (from student awards to professional recognition at the Association of Photographers Awards and the DA&D) without resorting to begging or bribery. However, his proudest achievement to date is an award for the longest distance underwater with a single breath, at The Blue Bay Hotel, Cancun, Mexico.


portrait by Katrin Funcke