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News – I’ve gone APE

I’ve been invited to join “The APE” an online gallery selling a select group of photographers work as limited edition archival prints.  Check out the site here.

The Affordable Photography Emporium, or just the APE as we like to call it is a new venture set up by photographers for photographers to sell beautiful limited edition prints at an affordable price.

We thought that money shouldn’t be a hinderance to quality or choice so everything on our site is priced at very reasonable amounts.

To keep things simple all our photographers’ work is uniformly sized and priced so once you know how much you want to spend all you have to do is decide what type of photography you want to spend your money on.

We have everything from famous musical icons through to stark haunting landscapes and we’re always on the lookout for new talent too so if you don’t see something right away that really knocks your socks off then keep checking back every once in a while and you’re bound to find the perfect piece sooner or later.

Rainer Schultz & Roy Metzdorf / Portrait

Rainer Schultz by Martin Bennett

Commissioned by the FT to photograph restauranteur’s Rainer Schultz and Roy Metzdorf at Rainers cosy restaurant Kurpfalz-Weinstube, for an article in the weekend edition of the FT. Both  restaurateurs are hosting dinners to mark significant landmarks in their respective histories. On May 31st , Rainer Schulz will celebrate the 75th anniversary of Kurpfalz-Weinstuben in the west of the city. In the north-east, Roy Metzdorf will host a party for the 70th birthday of his father Dieter, who inspired him to open his restaurant, Weinstein, in 1993. Both were remarkably welcoming and charming. I can thoroughly recommend a visit to sample hearty German cuisine at its best.

Shooting on the Canon 5D mk II with the 24-70mm f2.8L lens and the 85mm F1.2 L. All the images were shot using a balance between available practical light and two flash heads one with CTO to match the ambient colour temperature the other was boomed and set up as daylight. The post production was realised with Adobe Lightroom. The article will be published today – Saturday 8th of May. You can read the full article here.

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